The perfect tool for practicing tattoo and permanent makeup techniques.

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With their precision tips and smooth ink flow, these cartridges allow for accuracy and consistency, making them essential for developing your skills and perfecting your craft. Whether you want to practice tatooing, eyebrows, permanent makeup, scalp micropigmentation or simply want to create art in a fun and safe way, these cartridges are perfect for you.

The Benefits

Easy to use

Whether you are a beginner looking to hone your skills or an experienced artist looking to experiment with new techniques, our ballpoint pen cartridges are the perfect choice. Start practicing with confidence today and take your tattoo and permanent makeup skills to the top.

Easy to use
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What our customers say

"I've been a professional tattoo artist for over a decade, and finding the right tools for practice is essential in our industry. Penpoint Cartridges have truly revolutionized the way I teach and refine my art. The precision and control these cartridges offer are unparalleled. Whether I'm training an apprentice or honing my own skills, Penpoint Cartridges provide a realistic experience that closely mimics the feel of tattooing on skin. They've become an integral part of my teaching process, and I highly recommend them to anyone serious about perfecting their tattooing or micropigmentation techniques."

Sarah Thompson Tattoo Artist, LA California

"As a micropigmentation specialist, attention to detail is paramount in my line of work. I've tried numerous practice tools, but Penpoint Cartridges stand out as a game-changer. The fine-tipped cartridges allow me to simulate intricate hair strokes and shading techniques with remarkable precision. The feedback I receive from my students using these cartridges is overwhelmingly positive. They've accelerated the learning curve and helped aspiring micropigmentation artists grasp the nuances of the art more effectively. Penpoint Cartridges are an investment that pays off in skill development and confidence."

Javier Morales Micropigmentation Specialist, Miami FL

"As someone passionate about tattoo art but not a professional artist myself, Penpoint Cartridges have been a revelation in my artistic journey. They've allowed me to explore the world of tattooing and micropigmentation without the commitment of real skin. The realistic feel of these cartridges has helped me refine my techniques and build muscle memory, contributing to my overall improvement. Whether it's recreating my favorite designs or experimenting with new styles, Penpoint Cartridges have become my go-to tool for honing my skills and expressing my creativity."

Alex Nguyen Tattoo Enthusiast, New York, NT